Mama never told me it would be like this.

Mama never told me it would be like this.

i am the law
My father knew. And always got in trouble for it. No one wanted to hear what he had to say, except the people who made a lot of money on his words, lawyers and property owners.

But regular people did not.

Because my father always wanted to lift the end of the carpet, to uncover the truth.

As he told me more than once, “there are no miracles.”

Change is constant. Winners know this. And adjust on the fly.

Naked ambition is plentiful.

The smarts to pull it off?

Small time players want fame. They think if they get their name in the paper, they’ve won. I’ve never understood the people who allow their houses to be featured in the real estate section, even the multi-million dollar trophy homes in the “Wall Street Journal” “Mansion” section. And who can you trust? Your spouse? Your lover? Nobody?

You’ve got no real friends, it’s only business. And those who you’re not in business with, if they’ve got time for you at all, it’s only until it conflicts with their shot, because everybody’s hustling.

You need to be bigger than the game, live outside the law.

As do most of the winners in society. They don’t do what’s right, but what’s expedient. And the great unwashed buy the image, because they never get to meet the men and women they adore.

The winners write history. They see laws and morals as something to be bent.

You may not like it, but it’s the truth.

Why is everybody a scumbag?

Why is everybody a scumbag?Scumbag-Tie-Dye-T-Shirt-_234660

I think it started with the PresidentS, who lied under oath. If the President doesn’t care about the truth, why should I?

But the 2008 economic crash put a stake in the middle class’s heart, well, what was left of it. Not only did the bankers rape and pillage, they got off scott-free. Financiers encouraged falsehoods in order to get rich, that’s what the mortgage crisis was all about, and the working man who was blamed ended up upside down in his house, if he still had one at all.

But what bothers me is the way lying has been legitimized. We throw our hands up at e-mail spam, it’s something we have to live with. We’re stunned when Target loses our credit cards. We never turn the spotlight upon ourselves, ask ourselves about our behavior, what we can do to make things better. And primarily we don’t do this because it doesn’t pay. In today’s society, if there’s no economic benefit, people are out.

The same way they refuse to sacrifice. That was another tenet of the Greatest Generation handed down to their children. You had to sacrifice for the greater good. But today no one can lose their job, no one can lose a step in order to help those at the rear. It’s like people want to live in a museum, populated by record stores and book stores. As if they hadn’t studied the Middle Ages and were unaware of the penalties of stagnation.

But the shenanigans of the rich and powerful have infected the rank and file. People feel fine having handicapped placards, even though they’re fully ambulatory. They feel no duty to fill out forms accurately. And then, without million dollar lawyers, they’re the ones who go to jail, because they don’t understand culpability and intent.

And public schools often suck, so you lie to get your kid into a better one, saying they live with a relative, or you work the angles to get into a private one.

And once you’ve got it rigged, you want to shut the door. Pull the plug on public schools you’ve left behind.

Legislators care about lobbyists, not constituents. Political campaigns are about disinformation, who can yell inaccuracies loudest.

It’s every man for himself in America today. Life is a pinball machine wherein you must be fully aware, recover from being banged around by the bumpers, and avoid falling into holes and tilting.

We’ve got no leaders, no one speaking to the regular people telling them to do the right thing.

So when these fat cats screw us do you really expect us to be honorable? Even though Samsung never knocks on your door, even though the corporation doesn’t want to sponsor you?

Of course not.

So it’s the same as it always was…

Welcome to the club.


ART is….Art is

Nobody likes a wuss, nobody likes namby-pamby. If you’re not offending someone, you’re not doing it right. Likes are for Facebook, not art. Art has an edge. Art makes people uncomfortable. It makes people think. It makes people feel. If you rub off all the rough points no one will talk about you, no one will care about your art, and now, more than ever, the road to success is paved with discussion.

What I’ve learned prior to 60

What I’ve learned prior to 60

prior to 60No one knows anything. Confidence is a front. Everybody is insecure. We’re all lonely looking to be connected. AND… You really want to be involved with someone your own age, because no matter how attractive a younger person might be, they do not get the references.

Some people were dead at thirty. It’s a full time job trying to stay alive. You’re never going to recover from some physical ills, aches and pains.

Your parents said television was the idiot box, and you feel guilty every time you watch for hours, but you’re addicted.

If you were never on the path to riches, you will never be rich. Having friends is better than having money. BUT…

Doors are closing every day. If there’s something you want to do, start now.

People let you down. Everybody is out for themselves. They make decisions accordingly. Don’t take it personally.

People are dying to tell you their story. Ask them questions. They’ll tell you everything.

The key to longevity is letting go of the past.

You won’t know who the people they’re talking about in “People” and the rest of the gossip rags are, and you won’t care.

No one can keep a secret.

If you’re up for anything, we’re attracted to you.

You don’t want to be President.

Life is topsy-turvy, just because someone’s successful today, that does not mean they will be so tomorrow.

Even the best and the brightest have kids who screw up.

Not everybody grows up, some are still bullies. People who would hit you as kids won’t hit you as an adult, mostly because they’re afraid of the lawsuit.

You’ll regret you stopped piano lessons.

You’ll think it was better when you were young. Because it’s what i’ve learned prior to 60.

Entrepreneurs push the human race forward

My first two companies failed. Both were planned out in detail on business plans. When I started had no plan and no vision past two years. It was a simple idea scratched out on a napkin.  The goal was not millions, nor was it build and flip. It was about figuring out a way to hack together a business that would make me the $4,000 a month I needed to survive


Start with a vision. Preferably, in the words of Joe Vitale: “One that SCARES you a little and EXCITES you a lot.”

We all have different skills. But there’s one skill I feel is most crucial to entrepreneurial success. It’s the ability to sell. I scoffed at the idea of marketing and sales. Tesla was an amazing engineer. He ended up broke and depressed as the Engineer-Salesman Edison took his ideas and made them count.

In that famous Apple ad, “Here’s to the Crazy Ones”, Steve Jobs actually contributed just one line. It was “push humanity forward”. That’s what real entrepreneurs do. Peter Diamand is taking mankind to space. Branson adds fun, quality service and cheekiness to old entrenched industries. Tony Hsieh “delivers happiness”. I believe in teaching the world new things that enrich the human potential.

I’m not asking you to dedicate your life to changing the world just try not to mess it up for our children. I’m just asking you to not launch businesses that sell crap, pillage the environment, take advantage of developing nations or like Coke – market junk that lead to childhood obesity and other health disasters.

Know the difference between and entrepreneur and a businessman? Here’s the difference:

Business people do it for the dollars.

But real entrepreneurs push the human race forward.



I like smart people

I like smart people. I like to learn something.
Which is why I don’t watch TV singing competitions, where no one goes on to glory and it’s only about the ratings and I’m more interested in seeing “Shark Tank.”

That’s today’s world. Used to be everybody wanted to be a musician and have a hit record, today everybody wants to be an entrepreneur and go on “Shark Tank” and get an investment.

But they’re oftentimes so uninformed, they can’t possibly be successful. But unlike in music, the sharks tell the truth.

Kinda like the balloon guy back in January. A shark asked…”How can I make money on this?”

That was one of the great things said last week. That the balloon man was a great SALESMAN, but he hadn’t proven he was a great MANAGER! That if he wanted to grow his business he had to hire other salesmen.

And that his franchising idea was bogus.

But smart people never take their eye from the prize, they know it’s not about feelings, but winning.



information_overloadThe twentieth century was all about scarcity, making it to the top and then dominating. Today there’s so much information that you feel inadequate. It’s an endless buffet that never closes where you find yourself unable to resist taking one more bite, yet still believe there’s something you don’t know. Distribution used to raise certain elements above, if it was in the paper, if it was on TV, it was important. Now it just has to be on the Internet, and anybody and anything can be on the Internet.


Used to be you only had to compare yourself to the people in your neighborhood, you drove a Chevy, they piloted a Cadillac. Today you compare yourself to everybody in the world. There were always princes, always oligarchs, but now you know their names and want some of what they’ve got. Even worse is those people with the Cadillacs… Now you can peer into their lives via Facebook and other social media. The somewhat rich flaunt it and you sit at home snickering that you haven’t got it.


We see their slim, perky bodies everywhere and they seem to be the only people who can figure out the new technology, and they’re always on to something new, whether it be Instagram or Snapchat or… You may wear skinny jeans and diet yourself down to nothing, but deep inside you feel that you’re missing out, that you don’t know what’s really going on.


Life is about experiences

Life is about experiences. Whether you’ve traveled to Asia more than whether you’ve added to your house and drive a fancy car.

This is a sea change which the baby boomers resist. sea_change_photo2Oh, they’ve got all the new electronic toys, but they cling to the old ones too, because they’re afraid if they forgo them, they’ll lose their status. But young ‘uns are more about being members of the group than separating themselves therefrom. It’s who you know as opposed to what you’ve got.

Sure, there are exceptions. Fashion is burgeoning. Baby boomers wore their bell bottoms and BVDs, kids have a cornucopia of outfits, which are not only cheap, but evidence their style, which is super-important.

Could it be that the game has changed to such a degree that oldsters cannot play because they don’t understand it?

Could there be a generation gap equivalent to the one separating the boomers from their parents?

Just think about it. Snapchat is the rage and it disappears!

So instead of building that mansion you’re better off downsizing. Spending that money on trips and meals, ever notice that kids snap photos of their food as opposed to their apartments? Remember Life is about experiences.

Physical items are souvenirs. Not to be of use so much as mementos of experiences. They will not die, but they’re certainly fading in importance.


EVERYDAY you must call, or write someone, anyone, anywhere, and SIMPLY tell them.

thanks freedonm is not freeTHANK YOU or THANKS FOR YOUR TIME.

At least 2 people in this world love you so much they would die for you.
A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don’t like you.
Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.
You mean the world to someone.
If not for you, someone may not be living.
Even from the biggest mistake, something good can still come from it.
When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look: you most likely turned your back on the world
Someone that you don’t even know exists loves you.
Remember the compliments received.  Forget the rude remarks.
Always tell someone how you feel about them; you will feel much better and you’ll both be happy.
If you have a great friend, take the time to let them know that they are great.
It would personally please me, and I cannot tell you how many rewards you will receive if you do this one thing.

EVERYDAY you must call, or write someone, anyone, anywhere, and SIMPLY tell them.