Good morning WORLD.

Just a small RANT.

I was in the middle of my FBI training when a “banking issue” came up. Now… I WAS paranoid before but with my new “knowledge” I just flatly scared… I DIGRESS… I had to deal with some funds taken out of my account without authorization and I was looking for an incoming bank wire. TO MY AMAZEMENT. BOTH TRANSACTION required a FEE FROM ME. A research charge for the illegal removal of funds and an INCOMING wire fee..

When entering the bank and greeted by a “receptionist” I asked for the Branch Manager, was given a pointing finger so I asked how much that would be?  I could see the words going over her head…. and just could not bring myself to explain.

HOWEVER, before sitting down the the Branch Manager I asked what the charge was for asking questions and sitting in his office. Again, over the head but this time I explained. I have been charged for every transaction, every bit of research, and for money coming INTO my account so I figured –

WELL… again… the words FLEW over his head…. I was just ANOTHER CRANKY customer for which there was no solution to my problem…. I wanted my fees waived based on my bank balance, the 35 years I have been a customer, and as a courtesy….. After all, they use DAILY   my funds WITHOUT paying ME…..

BOTTOM LINE….. C A S H……. (If anyone will accept it)


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