Shed your past if you want to succeed in the future. You may be angry that Apple changed its connector, but look what backward compatibly did for Microsoft.. I kept the company in the doldrums to the point where the Redmond enterprise completely missed tablet computing and is now playing catch-up ball.  (POORLY)

The winners are the innovators. Those willing to double down and never rest on their laurels. Apple will fade without a breakthrough product. STAY relevant….He who worries more about the past than the future is doomed.

A quick look at newspapers will show you that when you put the bottom line first, you head straight towards obsolescence. There is so little in the newspaper now, it is not worth reading. Either it has got to be the repository of all things local or be a fount of investigative journalism. At the moment it looks like a child’s toy a COLECO headed for the dumpster.


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