The Internet

raspberry-keytones-supplementsJust some random thought and things I’ve learned…

Social media is a running dialogue that pays dividends long after you wish. It’s a walk into the wilderness that could leave you very lonely. So don’t start unless you plan to finish. It’s a commitment.  Only try to goose it with contests and stunting occasionally. But giving away something people want always works. And remember Mistakes COUNT…In other words, make them. We’re all imperfect. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not taking chances. When you screw up, people love it and are endeared to you. Your screw-up evidences your humanity.

The best tweets are not self-promotional. Sure, you can say you’re here or there occasionally, but if you’re using the channel as a sales/promotion outlet, people will tune out. Twitter is where you’re real. Post thoughts and ideas. Pictures of what’s interesting to you. Social media is about coming down from the mountaintop to engage, just like everybody else. But people are insatiable in their desire to know more about you.

The web is all about getting people to come back. And they’ll only come back if you change your site and deliver something intriguing.

Come on, who hasn’t been on a car or plane ride with their seatmate boring them to death about their passion. But then, if you hear about this same passion from another person, you check it out.

Nobody likes a complainer. BUT Don’t always be positive people see this as being  spread by religious zealots and self-help book writers. Express your disappointment and frustration, just choose your moments. People love to sympathize, and they gloat in your triumph down the line.

SOOOOO my advice above…. Don’t heed it if it doesn’t feel good. Resonate within yourself  first and foremost. But don’t be afraid to question yourself, don’t be afraid to learn.


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