Winners and losers. Never have so many been exposed to something they care about so little.

That’s the product world we live in today. Despite huge promotional campaigns by advertisers, it turns out the public either wants you or it doesn’t, either knows of you and must buy your new work, or can quite handily avoid you. In other words, you’re a winner or a loser. That long tail Chris Anderson (Wired Magazine 2004) spoke of? Turns out it’s a very steep ride. The bottom is far from the top. And there’s very little in between.


Then there are the juggernauts, like McDonalds and Coke… People buy what they know, what’s happening, they want to be au courant… The industry is employing an old model in a new world. Used to be we were information starved and had to buy what we heard about on radio or TV. Now we’re on info overload and you can hear anything you want on YouTube. Ownership is only for the very most dedicated.

So when you see the endless hype for has-beens in mainstream media laugh. Know that the reporters are dumber than you are. They’re clinging to a dead model. Unwitting couriers for old men at labels inured to what once was as opposed to what now is.



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