I think we are full of them…and that Creating an app is a waste of time.

It’s kind of like CDs.  When they were rare, when manufacturing couldn’t keep up with demand, you could sell anything on disc.  Back in ’82-’84.  Remember when AOL spammed the world with discs and devalued CDs and it became about what was on them more than the format.

The app gold rush should be over.  An app is a service. If people are going online constantly for updates, maybe an app is worth developing. (like I really want to update an app over and over and over…..)

I know… there will be new, successful apps in the future. But their financial success will be like winning POWERBALL. If you like those odds, go for it.


One thought on “APPS

  1. Completely disagree!
    Turn on auto update for your apps that you use and un install the ones you don’t. Or I can get you a flip phone for xmas – No apps there!

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