Ticket Scalping…

I work in the Music and Entertainment Industry beside my FBI and NYSE work…(It’s complicated – as well as my 31 patents). SO TODAY… I RANT about ticket scalping.

After days of complaints from music fans, the producers behind the 12-12-12 benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy victims denounced scalpers on Friday for reselling tickets to the event on StubHub and other Web sites for many times their face value.Politicians are trying to SHAME scalpers into doing the right thing!  This is hysterical!

The producers — James Dolan of Madison Square Garden, John Sykes of Clear Channel and the film producer Harvey Weinstein — urged people to shun the tickets popping up in the secondary market and to give to charity instead.

On Thursday, Senator Charles E. Schumer sent a letter to StubHub and three other major online ticket exchanges, urging them to not allow sellers to profit from the demand for the concert.

Madison Square Garden is a small hall in America’s biggest market. Staples Center has thousands more seats. Stuff sells out at MSG that doesn’t do a full house anywhere else. Who in their right mind didn’t know this would be a scalper’s field day?

If this fiasco isn’t the number one advertisement for paperless ticketing I don’t know what is. But blame the music industry. They like it the way it is. This is how they make a profit. On ticketing fees and scalping your own tickets and…

So be like the Stones. Overcharge, to try to eliminate the scalping. Then scalp your own tickets too! Ha!

Either sell the tickets at their fair market value or go to paperless. It’s an either or situation. Otherwise you’ve got third parties profiting while the government kicks and screams in ignorance.



One thought on “Ticket Scalping…

  1. Agreed. If there is room for someone to buy your ticket and resell it for more money then you aren’t selling the tickets for enough. Try to scalp a Garth Brooks ticket in Vegas,oh you can’t,he only does paperless and he is the hottest ticket on the strip.

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