The Hobbyist (H) vs. The Professional (P) and once in a while The Star (S)

H-Pays for his “equipment” in life.
P-Gets it for free.

H-Earns his living outside his passion, his career is first, passion is second.
P-First goal is to give up his day job, second goal is to make a lot of money.

S Needs to dominate. Being a member of the group is not enough. If he or she can’t make it to the very top, they’re disappointed.

S-Knows he must be batting 1000 in at least one department.

H-Has got no idea what it takes to make it. In order to know business, you must know those in it. Business is ruthless. Many want to be in it and it’s almost impossible to stay in it. Before you decry the person at the top, investigate how he got there and how he stays there.

S-Long or short term? Short term…go on TV, although that paradigm is evaporating as I write this. Short term should think about getting out as soon as they get in. Become a business S, tie in with the Fortune 500, you’re running a business, credibility is irrelevant. If you’re a long term S, your material is key, as is your credibility, think about tomorrow in every decision you make today.

H-Copies others’ work.
P-Creates the word.

H-Works for money and complains the business owner is ripping him off.
P-Rips off the owner.

H-Has no fans.
P-Relies on his co-workers.

H-Buys off the rack.
P-Believes in customization.

H-Is all about the truth.
P-Never speaks the truth in public.

H-Will never become a P. He’s too wrapped up in his cocoon, he believes in safety, despite people telling him how good he is. It’s a personal leap of faith to P-ism, and he’s not willing to make it.
P-Exudes self-confidence. Is willing to risk everything to make it. Passion and desire are almost equal to talent.

H-Is afraid of getting screwed.
P-Has and will continue to get screwed until he becomes a super Star. If you haven’t been screwed, you haven’t made it.

H-Is his own mentor. Nobody else cares that much
P-Has a mentor who is the secret to his success. Without a good mentor, you’ve got no career.

H-Thinks it’s all about luck and life isn’t fair.
P-Makes his own luck and isn’t concerned with fairness.

H-Has time to give his opinion.
P-Is too busy working to give an opinion.

H-Fields no offers. He creates demand.
P-Sifts through more offers as he gets more successful. Eventually gets to the point where he employs someone else to say no, so he doesn’t look bad.

H-Is genuine all the time.
P-Is rarely genuine, he doesn’t trust people and is wary of being stepped on, having his career thwarted.

H-Talks like he knows everybody.
P-Actually knows everybody.

H-Pays for his entertainment.
P-Can always get in, can always pay, but usually is invited for free and rarely shows up.

H-No one cares if he’s absent.
P-You feel his absence.

H-Sells crap. Stunned that the world doesn’t stop and see its “greatness.”
P-Doesn’t go to market without an ace.

H-Wastes time arguing.
P-Has got no time. If he hits a roadblock, he finds another way.

H-Is thrilled to be working anywhere.
P-Will not work unless you pay him, no matter what the advantages or how good the cause is .

H-Can see today.
P-Can see tomorrow.

H-Is shocked that illicit favors have to be performed to get ahead.
P-Would blow anybody to get ahead, of either sex. It’s his one and only life and one and only career, nothing’s going to get in his way.


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