Nothing says you’re cheap and out of date more than sending a holiday e-card, especially if there’s no personalization involved. You look like someone tech retarded who doesn’t realize fads come and go and you’ve just dated yourself back to 1999 or are a scammer trying to be all chummy with those you’re not really friendly with. I mean if I don’t know you, should I really be on your Christmas card list? And if so, do I get a gift?

I thought not.

That would cost money, as opposed to sending an e-card designed by your child or assistant that makes you look like you care when you really don’t.

Not everything is replaced by tech. Some things are better in the real world. If you really care, send a physical card. And personalization always counts.
As for those long stories about what happened to your family this year… You can only send them if we actually know everybody involved, otherwise, these updates are best left unsent. If you want to be creative and give out some holiday wisdom, that’s welcome. Then again, that would require an effort, and too many sending e-cards don’t want to make one.


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