You are competing against millions.

Where people in their careers used to be mediocre and be known throughout their town…. NOW you have to be truly exceptional or no one notices.

As musicians we used to practice in out parents’ garage and IF we made a recording it was icing the cake.. TODAY it is REVERSED… You record first and probably never perform a gig. WHY….

There is no where to play.

No on wants to pay.

AND…. No one want to hear you be lousy.

I GUESS if you want to make it buy a Pro Tools rig, figure out how it works, and spend HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of hours perfecting the recording..the pass it around among your friends, see if it catches on, and if not go home and make more…BECAUSE the major labels want insurance that they have a hit song, a HUGE fan base, and something that might look good on a stage.


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