And you’re not even on my list.

That’s one thing bad about the Internet. Spam makes it so you think you can reach bigwigs, but you really can’t, because they’ve all got super secret private e-mail addresses that only true friends and business colleagues possess. So you can send an e-mail to the black hole generic e-mail address, or try to find out the real address. But be sure, no one wants to hear from someone they don’t know, unless to find out they’ve won the lottery or a prize, but scammers have made it so no one believes those e-mails either.

Did you see that article in the “New York Times” saying blogs were passe? Seems the wannabes didn’t read that, they were too busy sending boatloads of missives to people they think care, who don’t. This is no different than all that crap you get every day in your real mailbox. And did you notice the Post Office is fiscally challenged? That’s what happens when you rely on spam for your business model. Then again, everyone in America (and the rest of the world!) thinks if you’ve got an inbox, they might as well fill it.


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