More it is… what it is…..

– opinion is just like an asshole, everyone has one
– talk is cheap, I prefer action
– Xtreme & desperate people are very dangerous
– you can get rid of the person/human by A simple ‘click’ these days, it’s absolutely “amusing” to say the least and if you >delete< MY message to You, it means u don’t give a $#!T about me, so DON’T try to contact me again, plzzz!
– remember, each day is a gift and not a given right
– focus on the journey, not the destination… joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it… the same rules generally apply to an orgasm
– I have lived and travelled in many different countries and I think the percentage of love/hate, good/evil, generosity/greed, hetero/homo, etc. is pretty much equal no matter where you are in the World
– you are responsible only for your own action


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