Con Artists

You know, the websites that give you advice and hope, and charge you for the privilege.

It was too good. Just because the kids like something that does not make it good.

As for those saying today’s music is just as good as yesteryear’s…you don’t have ears.

Whether it be authors scamming Amazon reviews or record companies garnering fake YouTube plays you can no longer trust statistics and reviews. Everybody’s a scumbag. Trying to game the system. And it’ll only go away when e-mail spam is eradicated. Which probably won’t be in my lifetime.

We’re only interested in the exceptional. It’s kind of like the Olympics, if you don’t medal, we don’t know your name. In the old days, with a limited universe, mediocre, with exposure and promotion, could make it. Today, you’ve got to be positively A-team. Or, the beneficiary of A-team marketing and promotion.


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