Winners and losers. Otherwise known as the have and the have-nots.

You get to choose. If you’re riding through life willy-nilly, thinking everything will work out fine, you’re delusional. Now, more than ever, there’s a dividing line. You’re up here…or you’re down there. And don’t expect the mainstream media and your friends and teachers to tell you.

I read about Michael Milken making half a billion dollars in the eighties. I saw my boomer brethren getting rich in that decade. I just thought it wasn’t my turn yet. Or to quote Led Zeppelin, my time was gonna come.

The joke was on me. As the years wore on you could only become truly rich if you were involved in finance. As for the rest of us, James McMurtry had it right, we can’t make it here anymore.

Can you afford a $1700 shirt?

I certainly can’t.

And you can tell me you don’t need one, but you would like access to the best doctors and the ability to sway government policy and if you think you’ve got the same ability to do this as the rich, you probably think Rebecca Black is talented and Carly Rae Jepsen has a career.

But now we’re in the Internet era. We’ve got hucksters like Chris Anderson telling you there’s a long tail, that there’s a market for everything online!

Put it in the iTunes Store. It won’t move. Most of the material does not. People only want what is exceptional. It’s like society in general, we’ve got winners and losers.

But you got a trophy for participating in soccer. Your mother loves you. Of course the world is gonna embrace your art.


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