We should all live our own dreams.

We live in a world full of uncried tears because of so many unrealized dreams.
We are fearful and we always find new reasons why it is better to postpone that one step that would make our life instantly more meaningful

Martin Luther King is perhaps best known for his dream. He dedicated his life to a dream that inspired the world half a century ago. It still does. Today many people remember the hero and his mission and we ponder how inspiring and groundbreaking change happens because of passionate unwavering commitment.
I suggest there is a Martin Luther King in all of us. There are certainly dreams in all of us. Some dreams are bigger. Some dreams are smaller. All dreams are important.
Are you living your dream?
Is there something you have been dreaming to do but that you keep pushing inside while you spend your days paying your mortgage and thinking that there is never enough time to do the thing you really want to do?

I suggest that the only way to truly honor leadership and inspiration is to live your own dream. Each of us. I suggest that if all of us were to make that commitment, we would in no time transform the world beyond imagination.



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