Mind Over Dieting….

If you’re reading this and residing in the United States here is some stark news for you.

According to a USA Today article:

There’s a 1/3 chance that you’re obese

And a 1/3 chance you’re overweight

And only a 1/3 chance that you’re of normal weight

This email is not for that third of you of normal weight.

But if you’re in the other two thirds – mildly overweight or obese – you need to be aware of some shocking facts. AND I KNOW…..You realy don’t want to hear or read this again….


According to the USA today we’re getting fatter. And at an alarming rate. About 34% of adults — more than 72 million — in the USA were obese in 2006, up from 23% in 1994, according to government data. Childhood obesity is on the rise too. Your kids are not safe either.

The dieting industry is failing. (but making a lot of money) At any given point 60% of Americans are on some sort of diet. But it gets worse.

If you’re obese, you could be shaving 12 years off your normal lifespan. And you’re spending 42% more on medical bills annually than people of normal weight. ($4,871 on avg vs $3,442). Not even going to bring up the emotional issues.

Being overweight can negatively impact self-esteem, confidence, career success and your sex life.

Why do we constantly battle with diets and exercise machines? And why – despite the multi-billion dollar diet industry, are we as a nation getting fatter each decade?

{NO, I have no answers…basically… not my life….it’s YOURS….so fix it}


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