At the dealership 2

And I could hear, because I turned off the TV. Well, not completely, but the sound.

I’m waiting for the day when the smartphone eclipses television as the default time-waster. You see it already amongst the younger generation and upscale professionals. They’re addicted to their personal screen. But the aged can stare blankly at the most banal of daytime programming not only in the waiting room at the dealership, but in the waiting room at the medical office too. That’s a big thing… The doctors have you waiting so long they believe they must entertain you. And it’s always some talk show and it’s always so loud and…

I wasn’t going to sit upstairs in the dealership with the blaring background noise for ninety minutes, the estimate of my repair, which concerned an oil change and wiper replacement, I wanted to read my book, “The Middlesteins.”

Now that’s addicting. I’m only twenty five percent through, but if you’re Jewish or dating a Jew, read it. Because the characterizations are spot-on. Without the de rigueur humor Jews feel is necessary when writing about their neuroses.

And just when I’m thinking of going downstairs and checking on my machine, the service writer comes up to greet me.


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