Zero Dark Thirty

This is the kind of culture we live in. One of selfishness.

I can barely see a spot through the SUVs in the parking lot at the Galleria. Yup, that’s the kind of country we live in. One where what I do counts and I’m not even thinking about you. Global warming? Income inequality? The big issues don’t matter, I’m entitled to live my life how I want and if someone else suffers, screw ’em.

Kind of like the people inside the theatre. You know, the ones who talk and eat bon-bons from cellophane for forty five minutes in this almost three hour epic. After this chap ate a bag of popcorn and drank a twenty four ounce soda. The rich don’t even go to the theatre, they stay at home, they use their connections to get the latest flicks delivered to their private screening rooms. The poor go for release from their horrid lives and overspend for crap that will make the owner rich and themselves obese. And what’s left of the middle class stays home. We live in walled gardens. And we like it that way. Because the rest of the world bugs us. We hate people. We want to drive on an empty freeway and fly private in a world…

That’s overpopulated with poverty. The shots of Pakistan are horrifying. Empty these citizens from their SUVs and have them mingle in the market of Islamabad. That’ll get their neurons firing. And this ain’t no “Argo,” Hollywood entertainment to make you feel good. As a matter of fact, I now feel horrible, I haven’t felt this empty and at loose ends since the “Deer Hunter,” back when movies were our primary art form and they could still change the world. Now movies are made to play around the world, they’re two-dimensional whiz-bang affairs catering to teenagers and foreigners, and our nation has forgotten that the moving image can change lives and the course of history. Don’t get me started on music, the land of imitators doing it to sell tchotchkes to the unwashed, whether it be t-shirts, vodka or perfume. The music is irrelevant. No one’s taking a stand, no one’s being a leader.

And there’s so much to hate about “Zero Dark Thirty.” That it was single-handedly financed by Larry Ellison’s daughter, what kind of country do we live in where a twenty something can write a check for $45 million, one in which she inherits $2 billion a few years before, and the issue of torture…did it help us get Osama or not


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