Ten Thoughts

1. The world is getting smaller.

2. Despite income inequality, the gap between rich and poor, consumer and company, famous and obscure, is closing. Used to be it would be impossible for the punter to reach the celebrity. Now all he has to do is tweet.

3. Image is everything. Yours doesn’t have to be perfect, but if you’ve got any skeletons in the closet, they’ll come out. Not only did Alicia Keys make a deal with BlackBerry, so did Neil Gaiman. What looks like an easy check might be read completely different by the public. Own your moves and be prepared for backlash.

4. Be available. Have multiple online homes. Allow people to reach you.

5. Don’t react. Would you punch someone willy-nilly on the playground? Don’t knee-jerk react to the haters online. To paraphrase Bob Dylan, they’re just trying to get you down into the hole they’re in.

6. The haters don’t really care about you, check their feed, after they assassinate you, they go on to shoot others. Their desire is to be famous. By interacting, you’re just adding fuel to the fire.

7. Be nimble. Don’t think twice, play. Be unafraid to make mistakes. So much information is crossing the transom, a constant rushing river of data, that your effort will soon be forgotten.

8. Be yourself. Then you can never get in trouble. Your fans will love you, your haters will only stop when you lose your fame. You’re playing to your fans. Be thrilled anybody else cares.

9. Platform hop. MySpace was superseded by Facebook, Twitter is where the action is today, it might not be tomorrow.

10. Be beholden to your fans, not advertisers. This is Facebook’s mistake. So busy trying to make money and placate Wall Street, the service is alienating its users, who provide all its content. Bad policy. Users don’t mind you making money, as long as it doesn’t impact their experience. The gold standard is Google. No one is bothered by Google search ads or mail ads. If your business model pisses off your fans, be very afraid.


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