Ten MORE Thoughts – minus Two

11. Instagram is not on BlackBerry (although that might be changing. Alicia Keys is addicted to Instagram. Try getting someone to give up their addiction, almost impossible. Never contract your reach, but concentrate on playing where the people are. Making Instagram less Twitter friendly might be good for Facebook, its owner, but it’s bad for the service.

12. Nothing comes back. To expect MySpace to revive is to expect New Kids On The Block to hit number one.

13. Fans are stunned when you respond.

14. Don’t always be nice. Online is not. Richard Marx (if interested search article on salon,com – richard marx hates my guts) did break rule number one, don’t respond to the haters.

15. The reason there’s so much bad music is everybody wants to participate! Everybody’s got the tools and everybody feels entitled!

16. Very few rise above the din.

17. Very few cross multiple arenas. A true superstar is discussed by all.

18. Ubiquity fights gravity. You think you want to be the biggest in the world, but then you’ve just got more people trying to drag you down. If you truly have a universal message, spread it. Otherwise, be satisfied with your core.


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