Winter Term

Now when I was at college, we had something called “Winter Term,” a four and a half week stretch wherein we took only one course, intensively and…
Skied all afternoon and had sex all night.

I stumbled into my freshman winter term course, “Political Campaigning,” wherein you ran your candidate all the way to the election, managing the trials and tribulations, the twists and turns of a Presidential campaign.

Unfortunately, my team represented the Republican candidate, which was akin to running a Communist in the twenty first century. You see in 1967, everybody in college was a Democrat, we literally could point out the Republicans on campus. Our guy was a nonstarter. So I decided to drum up some action by claiming the other party’s candidate had fathered an illegitimate child. This just sank our guy further.

I love this stuff.

But little did I know this was what was commonly referred to as a “gut” course. It became clear upon the first meeting, when I noticed all the athletes in attendance. Who sat in the back and never said a word, if they bothered to come to class at all. And three books were assigned, which we didn’t have to read.

And I ended up with a lot of free time for the aforementioned skiing and sex.

I skied the first nine days of the term in a row. I beat that record after a four day cold in the middle of the month. That’s why I went to College, to ski!

I did not go to have sex. BUT………


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