When it is COLD at college

Now you’ve got to understand, January is damn cold. And you wear the same jeans when it’s in the single digits as you do in the summertime. So other than walking to class and meals, you stayed inside. And truly bonded with your brethren, truly made friends.

And you know how college is… You know nobody and nothing and you make friends and you find out months later that they’re nothing like you and you ditch them for new people and are embarrassed when you run into the old ones for the next four years, at least at a college like Middlebury, where there were only 1600 students. We’d be walking down the path and discover an interesting bird, or something startling on the sidewalk in order to avoid eye contact with someone we used to talk to all the time but now wanted nothing to do with.

And my new friend, Denis, he had a whole different set of friends from me. And every night they congregated in another room on the second floor, where we listened to the Allman Brothers’ “Idlewild South,” Derek and the Dominos’ “Layla” and…the Moody Blues’ “In Search Of The Lost Chord”…and had sex all night. (Come on…. What do you expect from Music Majors)

Now I’d become a huge Moody Blues fan. But I only had the orchestral “Days Of Future Passed,” which I listened to on my Norelco compact cassette player on the drive to college in the fall.
Dave occasionally played “To Our Children’s Children’s Children,” which puts a smile on my face every time I hear it.

You know…

“Timothy Leary’s dead
No, no, no, he’s outside looking in”

Sounds hackneyed and dated, I know. But that’s the intro. “Legend Of Mind” goes on for six plus minutes, getting faster and slowing down, bending notes, ascending and descending, it’s like a drug trip, one so good you become firmly convinced all drugs should be legalized.
This is why we loved our albums. Because stuff like this was never made for the radio, but just for you at home, listening. There was no second-guessing of gatekeepers, this was the music the musicians wanted to make, and we loved it and them.

Want to make a statement? Something cohesive, that will enthrall the listener? Then be my guest, make an album.


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