I’m gonna be sixty – something…….

Unlike some in the press I’m not gonna shave a decade off my age in order to appear young and hip, because my hip hurts, you can get plastic surgery, put on a happy face, but you’re still your real age inside, you might as well own it, especially because once you die you’ll be…forgotten.

That’s the dirty little secret. You think you matter, that you’ll be remembered, but has anybody even mentioned Mindy McCready to you today? I think not. And that proves the point.

Surviving is difficult. All those musicians who O.D.’ed, they took the easy way out. Life is full of changes and challenges. Every time you think you know what’s going on the mirrors descend, the fast ball turns into a curve ball and you’re suddenly clueless. The only ones confident in their opinions are the youngsters, who know so little they think they know everything.

My friend went to Costco. I am not a member. Because I’m not…. We need people to rely upon, to point the way, to be in our corner. Otherwise life’s just too difficult.

I’m sure he enjoyed eating a strangely bland hot dog and then being confronted with scads of people much younger, beating the prices at the Albertsons right next door. I’ll bet it is so exciting, poring through the goods, more fun than being famous.  I’m getting older and just want to relax, be myself, not waste time, do our best to fit into life like an old worn-out shoe.

I can just see the girl stumbling around in the high heels. These I don’t get. You can’t walk so you’ll look cool to other women? Overpaying for the privilege of wrecking your feet? Or maybe I missed the memo, maybe I’m the outlier here, but I get turned-on by these suddenly taller females not a bit. Kind of like Stevie Nicks on Letterman last week. Teetering on high heels singing a song nobody cared about. It’s just sad. Having to emulate who you once were. As the rest of the world ages, adjusts, moves on.

“She has seen me changing
It ain’t easy rearranging
And it gets harder as you get older
And farther away as you get closer”


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