Nobody Laughing

“Nobody laughing
All the good times
Getting harder to come by without weeping”

Instead of discussing interesting topics, you talk about your health. Everybody I know has cancer. Except for those too scared to go to the doctor. Believing if they live in denial they’ll be okay. But the Big C waits for no one. Do it now, go to the doctor and live, because if you think the sand in the hourglass is endless, you’re sorely mistaken. Turns out there’s not as much as you think. And you don’t want to live forever anyway, with all your friends gone.

“And I don’t know the answer
Does it even matter?
I’m wonderin’ how”

The question of the ages, the meaning of life. What is it? Damn if I know. Anybody who tells you otherwise is ignorant or a charlatan. In high school you want to live for yourself, make all your own decisions. As you age you look for the instruction book, the manual, you want answers, because you certainly have none.

But it’s all irrelevant.

Forty years ago there was no Costco. For all I know, forty years from now food will be grown at home in your 3-D printer. Just like you no longer have to go to the post office to send a missive, how you no longer have to go to the bank to manage your money, the changes come fast and furious, unforeseen. And you do your best to adjust.

And it does get harder as you get older.

And sheer will cannot fight Father Time.

And it is farther away as you get closer.

Just when you think you’ve finally figured it out, you find out you were wrong. The hurricane destroys your house, depletes your life savings. The earthquake topples your abode. You thought you were prepared, but life is laughing at you. Pray if it makes you feel better, but no one’s listening. Not God, not the government, not the media. You’re on your own.

Unless you’ve got a good record collection.

And someone to listen to it with.

Then you’re all right.


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