Two Minds

 “We have two minds.”  “We have our logical, analytical mind, and we have this other part of us where our emotions and feelings live. And that other part gets freaked out easily.”

We are responsible for our own actions, beliefs and responses. We can’t blame the economy, our parents or the weather. We are not necessarily in control of events, but we are always in control of how we respond. Even if we can’t change what’s happening around us we can always change the way we think about it.

Want to change your state of mind from hesitation to -confidence? Recall a time when you felt confident in the past. Look at the scene through your own eyes. Remember what you saw, what you heard and what you felt. These sensory memories bring the feeling of confidence into the present. You can anchor it there by assigning the feeling a specific word, image, or sensation, like touching the back of your neck. Next time you need to summon some pluck, just reach up and touch your neck.

Every moment, we are awash in a vast sea of information. We perceive that sea through our senses, but we’re only conscious of a few thousand of the 4 billion bits of information that we process every minute. We filter our world as if through a frame. -Day-to-day experiences shape our frames, too.

Reframe your own world.


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