Mainstream Music

In music you cannot be mainstream anymore. It’s a futile exercise. You have to bland out your image and kiss so much butt that you end up with no sharp edges to hold on to. Ubiquity is no longer for art, but crime, and tech. If you’re an artist you’re inherently niche, appealing to a sliver of the population. As for the others, ignore them.

I know, I know, this is contrary to the MTV ethos. But MTV no longer airs videos and you don’t even know what channel it is. Why are you putting faith in an old paradigm?

When you start out, you’re available. When you’re a nobody, you acknowledge all comers. You’re thrilled anybody cares. But once you’re somebody, the doors close. There are just too many crazies in this world. You’re gonna get the cold shoulder, you’re gonna be physically removed by a bodyguard. Not because you’re a predator, but because somebody else is.

We live in an unjust society. And one way the oppressed, the disillusioned, the angry can get revenge is by attacking the winners online. The rulebook is being rewritten. Traditional media, newspapers, magazines, movies and television…they think they’re better than you. They didn’t get the memo. That we’re now all truly equal online. So these old powers try to ignore reality, put a finger in the dike, stop the tsunami of digital communication. They either deny it exists, or rant about piracy and sue your ass.

That’s a flawed strategy. If you don’t acknowledge that communication has fundamentally changed, you’re destined for the dustbin.


One thought on “Mainstream Music

  1. Hey Guy. I’m still around, not “occupied” and hope to see you one of these days, What;s going on with you anyway?

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