Deal with it…. the New World

The question is how to deal with this new world.
Don’t try to educate every ignoramus. Don’t try to neutralize every hater. It’s more about them than you. They don’t want to know the truth, they just want to be acknowledged, seen as important in this depersonalized world. Anybody saying the customer is always right doesn’t have an Internet connection.
It’s sad that the few ruin it for the rest of us. But that’s reality. Ten percent of responders are insane. The problem is you just don’t know who that ten percent are. And therefore, you can’t respond to anybody.
Want to communicate with the rich and famous?

Become so yourself.

That hasn’t changed.

Want access? Then you’ve go to deserve it. You’ve got to accomplish something. You’ve got to be vetted. You’ve got to be trustworthy. Then you can hang with George Clooney and have a conversation with Jennifer Lawrence. Otherwise, the door is shut. Because of history, because of the crazies.
But the good thing is you’ve now got the tools. To create and distribute. They’re essentially free. You can gain access. But not by bitching, not by making fun, but by earning it.

And the funny thing is once you get inside, you’ll find everybody treats you right.

Because you can’t get to the top by being a hater. No one’s got time for that.
It’s the ultimate in participation.
It all started with rap. You didn’t need training, you didn’t need to know anything about music or the music business. You just lifted a track and freestyled above it.

Then came reality television. Where suddenly people could be famous for nothing. Whether it be the denizens of the “Real World” house, Richard Hatch on “Survivor” or Kim Kardashian.


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