We’ve got no time for mediocre.

If you’re not the best, if you’re not a star, we’ve got no time for you. Whether it be a film, a TV show or music. All those flicks at Sundance? Most of them will never get distribution, most of them will never be seen. It’s the triumph of the few. In a world where everybody has access and nobody has any time.

Furthermore, barriers to success have been torn down. Used to be you needed the fat cat cigar-chomping impresario to make you a success. You had to grovel and sell out. Now you do it for yourself.
As for money…
The money is in the imitations, not the real thing, all those YouTube videos created and watched. Think about this, this is what the labels’ said was going to ruin the world. If copyright was loosened, if YouTube gained power, if the artist wasn’t 100% in control of his art. But just the opposite has come true. If you loosen the strings, not only do you have a greater chance of success, but there’s a ton of money to be made.
Don’t fear the future, embrace it. Because the past is never coming back.

Innovate or die.

You can still make it.
But you’ve got to be innovative, and different. That’s more important than talent or skill. Kind of like the era of classic rock. Conception is more important than execution. Can you titillate the audience? Can you inspire it?
They’re in control.
It’s not your grandpa’s era. It’s not the twentieth century.

It’s a brand new world. Where the public is constantly communicating on those hand-held devices oldsters say is ruining humanity, and everybody’s got the tools of creation at their fingertips. All they need is putty. Starter. Something to grab on to. Then they’ll make it their own and turn it into a huge success.

Or not.


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