A Nation of Apologists.

You can’t raise taxes.

You can’t reduce entitlements.

You can’t change a damn thing because someone’s gonna get the short end of the stick.

Shared sacrifice is out the window. Thinking of the greater good is history. America is all about I’ve got mine, SCREW YOU!

One person gets their knickers in a twist and the offender rushes to the media to say they didn’t mean it. It’s become laughable. With people going to lying rehab, I never even knew there was such a thing. But in a nation where no one can sacrifice, where no one can lose their job, where no one can suffer whatsoever, that’s what we end up with.

We live in a land of emotion.

But emotion only works when it’s in art.

You don’t win by accident.

But what we’ve got to do is create more winners. Lift our brothers and sisters from ignorance and poverty to a better life.

Instead, we feed them TV trials and misinformation.

Oh, what a wonderful world we live in.



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