If you can’t sing, you’d better be able to write.

If you can’t sing, you’d better be able to write.

And if you can’t write, you’d better be able to sing.

And you’re best off if you can do both.

I’m constantly scratching my head, wondering what is going on in the brains of people who send me their material. Forget production, when the vocal comes in and it sounds like the singer might just qualify for the high school Glee Club, I’m flummoxed. Do these people truly expect virality?

Maybe you’re living in olden times. Where you believe it’s about publicity. Maybe you think a media outlet can make you a star. But that’s just not true anymore.

Let’s not talk about its quality. Let’s leave that out of the equation. Once upon a time, if radio and MTV played Bowie, he had a hit. But now no radio station with any power plays Bowie music and MTV died and the only people who care are diehard fans.

It’s an old wave marketing campaign for a new album.

But it’s not only albums, it’s books too. It’s seemingly everything in our society. It comes, and it goes. And you get to the point where unless you’re truly devoted, you tune out. I gave up reading the movie reviews every Friday. Do you see how many flicks are released? You couldn’t see them all even if you wanted to! To a great extent, I’ve stopped going completely. But if I do attend, it’s as a result of consensus, when everybody says something is good, especially my peers.

So don’t look out, look in.


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