Why is everybody incompetent?

I take leave to the hospital to “experience” a blood clot in my lung…  I ask that my mail be held, and it never reappears. I ask the delivery person and it’s a bad Freddie Prinze routine, EES NOT MY JOB! I’m the temp! When is the real person coming back? NEVER! They changed routes!

So they give you a phone number, and after you navigate the tree, you’re on hold so long someone else is at the door.

And then you’ve got to schlep your ass down to the station, to try and argue with another person who doesn’t care that your mail is on hold, and if they don’t deliver it you can’t pay your health insurance, your credit score’s gonna take a hit, and who do I talk to to make sure the Post Office truly does go out of business, so I can rely on the Internet, I trust digits more than people!


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