Wake up. If you don’t want to work, if you’d rather surf the net and make videos than be holed up alone in your basement being bad, then note that there’s more than one road to fame.

That’s the dirty little secret of today’s wannabes, they don’t want to be ……., they just want to be famous. On YouTube you can let your freak flag fly, go for it.

Think about being unique, And don’t be afraid to follow your instincts and stay with them, You’re nobody until you’re somebody. Let’s not be PRETTY. Charismatic is even better. You can display your whole identity in a YouTube clip. 

You can try on other identities.  Today’s stars are not two-dimensional, they display every facet of their identity. Do it if you want to last.

Just remember, the faster the ascent, the faster the descent.


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