The Web and…..

The Web has created an economy of connection, which has changed the nature of everyday things: how we communicate with one another, how we listen to music, which books we read, how we choose a restaurant. We are no longer confined to mediocre mass-market products. We have a range of choice, a wealth of information and an immense network. If there were ever a time to give the world something of yourself–a new idea, something you created, something that moves you–this is it.

 Things that were once safe bets–academic degrees, full-time jobs–no longer are. “We think or maybe just hope that security will return after the crisis, but a variety of social and technological trends suggest the world will never be the same. Large companies are no longer dominant. They are no longer the ‘givers’ of employment from cradle to grave; the ‘takers’ will have to make it on their own. And that’s a good thing. For in the new reality, there is a solid appreciation for art, innovation and personal leadership.


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