Buzz about “Mad Men.”

I know, I know, there’s a ton of buzz about “Mad Men.”

Personally, I’m not a fan, I don’t choose to watch paint dry.

But the big story of the winter is “House Of Cards,” on Netflix. Delivered all at once so people can binge. This is the future. Reruns are done. It’s got to be all new all the time on television or we’re tuning out. Remember waiting for new episodes of “Seinfeld”…that model is toast!

As for “Mad Men,” they sell that at the iTunes Store now. Sure, it might cost a Jackson, but at least you don’t have to pay for all the other stuff you don’t want.

What else don’t you want?

The opening act. Once upon a time you got to the show early, believing there was a reason to pay attention to the opener. Now you know someone paid someone behind the scenes and for your $100 ticket you don’t want to be bored, you’ll arrive for the headliner, thank you.

And it’s newspapers too. What kind of model is that? A surface reading of the news so you can sell advertising? I can get the surface on a zillion sites online, believe me, if someone shoots up a school or Congress grinds to a halt, I don’t need a high-priced reporter to tell me the story. But if I want to go deeper…

That’s what is the future. Deeper. Our whole world has flipped over. Rather than blanding out and trying to reach everybody, today you gain and identify your fans and keep feeding them ad infinitum. Charge them while you’re at it, they’re more than willing to pay.

We can ignore the mainstream quite handily. Once upon a time all we had was Top Forty radio. As for that outlet today, I guarantee at least half of my readership has never heard a Rihanna tune…because they don’t have to! It’s not like they’re at home twiddling their thumbs bored, rather they’re deep down into what they’re interested in, which in today’s information economy is readily available.

And ignore the press. The Netflix backlash? Nobody wants to rent a DVD anymore. Reed Hastings was right. Streaming is not only the future, it’s now. If you don’t make your stuff available for streaming, that just means no one is gonna watch it. Sit there self-satisfied. Like those who insist on charging to hear their music. Huh? You’d better make it easy and cheap or free or feel like free, because very few people are truly interested.


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