Global Stars

Not like there used to be. Because we don’t have to pay attention, we’ve got options.

Cable TV is gonna crumble. It’s gonna happen overnight. Kinda like the switch from film to digital photography. You remember, we were hearing that digital was coming for a decade, but it didn’t. Then, overnight, digital cameras exploded and film disappeared and Kodak went into the dumper.

What else is gonna go into the dumper?

You’ve got to be damn good to have anything more than a tiny audience today. Don’t employ yesteryear’s paradigm, wherein the public partook of less than quality goods because very little was available. To stand out today, you’ve got to be incredible, you’ve got to make yourself necessary.

And no amount of bloviating about basketball is gonna get me to tune back in. I wasted too much of my life watching Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson in the last century, I’m done.

So why am I still paying for you to watch?

That’s the question.

And I’m not the only one asking it.


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