People Steal Things

People steal things.

Or as my father would say, “THEY LIBERATED THEM!”

That’s a term we used back in the sixties. It permeated the culture, kind of like “bling” and “baby mama” do today. Petty theft was seen as a way of sticking it to the man. But the stuff I stole would have no value to most people. I loved trail signs.

More archaic than today, less formulaic and more unique, ski trail signs were nailed to trees, and if you hiked up the mountain in the middle of summer, it was free pickings.

But not anymore.

You can steal stuff today, but you’re gonna get CAUGHT!

What did they say ten years ago, 9/11 changed everything?

Well that didn’t turn out to be true. But technology did.

Watching the events in Boston was like having a ringside seat at the best movie ever made. One that reached out from the screen and scared you, just ask the people in Watertown.

It started with the information. Used to be you had to wait until the next day, at school or work. Or there was an interruption on television. But now you turn on your smartphone and something incomprehensible is transpiring. When I boarded the plane in Denver it was a slow, snowy day. When I landed in L.A, the sun was shining and all hell had broken loose. I was jumping from e-mail to tweet to newspaper site, what exactly was going on?

And my initial reaction was it wasn’t Muslim terrorists. I figured it was right wing crazies, a la Oklahoma City, I mean does the Boston Marathon fly on the radar screen of the Middle East?

But the nature of modern day America is you jump to conclusions. Especially on television, where the “news” channels do no reporting and all the talking heads do is bloviate. But I’m sophisticated enough to know how unsophisticated I truly am. I was sure Richard Jewell was responsible for the Olympic bombing in Hot Lanta. Come on, he was nervous and fidgety and he looked the part! I used to believe in the knee-jerk reaction, instant judgment. Ah, youth. But life is complicated and the longer you live the less you know, you realize that very rarely is the world cut and dried and you’ve got to keep foraging for information. If you’re not surprised on a regular basis, you’re not alive.



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