Stay in school.

If you think Bieber is forever, than you probably think, like he does, the Pope prays in the Sixteenth Chapel. I grew up wanting to be Jay North, Jerry Mathers, to be on TV was my goal. Thank god I never went that route. Most of those people are famous for a minute and then go on to do drugs and rob 7-11’s, they’re prepared for nothing.
And I’m not saying you can’t beat the system doing none of the above.

I’m just saying the odds are damn low.

Some people are Steve Jobs, some people are geniuses.

And although Mark Zuckerberg dropped out, the institution he was attending was Harvard.

And most of the stories about people you see in the mainstream press were placed there by publicity agents. They have no underpinnings.

It’s your goal to gain underpinnings and worldliness. To both practice hard and leave your comfortable environment. You’d be stunned to find out how ignorant you truly are.

And one final tip. Reading is the key to success. If you don’t know how to read, you’re never going to make it in today’s world. Just like baby boomers who don’t know how to type are behind the curve.

It’s all about fundamentals I tell you. And fundamentals, like the multiplication table, are rarely fun.

But there’s always time for fun. Life is long. If you’re not prepared for delayed gratification, you’re going to have a very rough ride.

Help yourself out.

Stop being sour grapes, stop complaining and APPLY YOURSELF!



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