Business Plans are just……..

If you want to become an entrepreneur, don’t start with a business plan. You don’t need experience or money either. What you need is an open mind.

We have to leave behind the model that says money and experience are the preconditions to being an entrepreneur. Look at Bill Gates or Michael Dell or Father Godfrey Nzamujo in Benin or Paolo Lugari in Colombia; these are all people who started without money or experience. … Why did they succeed? Because they were able not to take a given for a fact. With the crisis we live in, we’re in need of people who say, I have no experience, and so I can make a great contribution.

First of all, the greatest missing link in an entrepreneur today is that it’s someone who focuses on doing things. My concept is simple; you are not permitted to write a business plan. When you write business plans, you kill the idea. You are only permitted to write one when you have your first invoice paid. Don’t make a risk analysis. If you have no experience or money, then what’s the risk? Zero! The only thing you can do is win. When people write business plans, they don’t come up with the real innovations we need. Real innovations are done by doing. You have an idea? Do it. Don’t talk about it, don’t analyze it. Get your hands dirty; that’s the first rule.



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