What music needs is trusted human filters. That’s called “The deejays of yore”.

But there’s no money in that. Technology scales, human beings do not.

And these deejays must realize the music they promote can have no tune-outs. Imagine that! That’s what today’s music recommenders don’t get. Just because you like it, that does not mean I will!

I know, I know, this plethora of information is not limited to music.

Hell, it’s fascinating to see the mainstream press be lost on everything but disasters. We’ve all got our niche news sites focusing on what interests us and when we see the same story a day or a week later in the newspaper, we laugh.

And we’re not going back to the old days. Music is never going to be scarce again. But any solution to our problems has to take into account the new realities:

1. There’s tons of music.
2. It’s all free at everyone’s fingertips.
3. People like to feel like they belong. Even if something is great, if it gains no traction, they want to move on to something that has steam.
4. With everything equally available, people only want the best.
5. Time. They’re not making more of it. To expect people to waste it on substandard stuff is delusional. Videos only go viral if they hook you the very first time through, it’s no different in music.


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