Careers have an arc.

Ever notice that careers have an arc?

The press says it’s because we age out.

No, usually we burn out, lose our motivation. Because once we get what we thought we wanted, and discover it doesn’t fill the hole, doesn’t answer all their problems, we can’t do it anymore.

You rail against the President, make fun of those atop the pop chart. And that’s a fun game to play at home, but you’ve got no idea what it took to get there, in the game. The reason Taylor Swift doesn’t know how to handle rejection is because she was so busy trying to make it, knocking on doors and playing at radio stations, that she didn’t have a normal life, where the rest of us learn to adjust.

And once you make it to rarefied air, who do you discuss your problems with? I mean who does Madonna talk to, who gets it? We laugh at her, with the plastic surgery and the workouts, but you can’t deny her sheer will, she’s unwilling to be forgotten, she’s doing everything in her power to stay relevant.

The untalented sell their souls, and personalities, on reality television. At this late date, everybody knows the power lies in the hands of the editors. The nicest person can be made to look like a bitch.

But those people are kicked to the curb as soon as the shows get canceled.

And the same applies to today’s plethora of one hit wonders, faces on the productions of the usual suspects.

You think you want it.

But you don’t even know what it really is.


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