American Revolution

We’re undergoing a revolution in America. And it’s all based on intelligence. And if you’re uneducated, if you don’t understand the game, you’re going to be left behind. It’s like America’s a giant train, and the cars in front have uncoupled from those in the rear and are zooming down the track at light speed while those left behind aren’t even moving or are going down blind alleys. Everything your parents told you was true. You’ve got to apply yourself, you’ve got to do well in school, or you’re going to get left behind. Hell, it’s much worse than it was in the sixties and seventies, you can’t survive on minimum wage. You might be able to get a job at McDonald’s, but you can’t pay your bills.

Turns out there are charts. Of odds. Of probabilities. Turns out 20% is usually enough to go all-in. So what on the surface appears to be a bad bet is actually a safe one.

You’re not gonna take a risk if you’ve only got one chance.

The winners float and the losers sink.

In other words, data is gonna revolutionize the ……. business.


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