Rigging the advertising game

After reading this article, if nothing else, you’ll want to learn how to rig the game. That’s what today’s media manipulators do, make you think you’re living in your own self-created world when the truth is you lived in a walled Disneyland, where your odds of building a ride are bupkes.

In other words, just like advertising wasn’t a business model to replicate your real world product online, maybe you can’t make the social media game pay, and we’re all going to become immune to it.

In other words, social media is where you gain eyeballs, but it may not be a revenue generator unto itself.

Which means the value of Facebook is lower than we think and Twitter is a news service, not a marketing platform.


I’m a natural skeptic. Which is tough in a rah-rah society. Where we’ve got an old guard clinging desperately to what once was and a new guard populated by snake oil salesmen who don’t want you to be successful, but just want you to buy their product so you think you will be. It’s self-help for dummies. Or an advertisement in the back of “Parade,” or a comic book.

He who gains the most eyeballs wins. Are they doing so via manipulation?

You tell me.


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