Successful people are not normal people.

Successful people are not normal people.

They’ve got something to prove.

I don’t care if you’re CEO of a Fortune 500 company or Elton John, if you’re at the top of the heap you’re just not regular folk, you’re warped, you didn’t get enough love from your mother, you were abandoned by your father, you’re so anxious and angry you believe the only way your life will be complete is if you win the trophy and get the adulation of those beneath you.

But that doesn’t work.

That’s why the super rich buy all those cars and houses; they’re trying to fill a hole inside so big and empty that it’ll swallow everything you put in it, and more.

You see it’s just too hard. To be that rejected, that broke, that duplicitous, that single-minded. If you think artists are fun people, you haven’t hung around any, or they’re not successful. Yup, we all know someone with an amazing voice, great guitar talent; we say they could have made it. But they didn’t, because they just didn’t have that killer instinct.

Oh, the greats learn how to be nice. But if you haven’t read a rider wherein the act’s demands are out of control, if you haven’t listened to the audio clip where Art Garfunkel or whomever is so particular and so warped, you don’t have an Internet connection.


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