Facebook Is For Old People

Facebook Is For Old People


A friend points out a picture on Facebook of a rich friend on a plane with her dog and I’m reading the comments…and I see that of the wife of a famous movie producer, whose story was told in “Vanity Fair.”

That’s when it hit. If these people are all over Facebook, it’s toast, the oldsters have taken over and the young people have left. It’d be like seeing your parents at Pacha, or the Electric Daisy Carnival, you wouldn’t be interested in going anymore.


The above inspiration didn’t take place in a vacuum. All day long I’m reading about Facebook and using social media. If you think anyone can write a hit song with no prior experience, you’re dreaming. Oh, a monkey could type “War and Peace”…but the odds are low.

Your whole life is useful information. Be ready to mine it.
A new experience TOMORROW


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