Studies have shown that after watching the news for 15 minutes, most people need 15 minutes of relaxation exercises to get rid of the anxiety it provoked.

(Don’t think you aren’t one of them. The research shows the news impacts everyone.)

I don’t know anyone who does exercises to get rid of the negative impact of the news. I think more important, why would you consume the anxiety-provoking news in the first place?

I propose to exchange that one hour of news a day for one hour of reading.

I’m not suggesting you stop reading and watching. I only suggest you make a very careful selection of your sources. Read things that inspire and challenge your thinking. Read magazines that publish investigative journalism. Such reading enriches and fulfills your life. It is very different from ingesting endlessly repeated sounds and images about something you cannot change.

If you follow my recommendation, you will know more things that are relevant to your life–and to the lives of your friends and loved ones.



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