I’m catching up on my reading; I’ve got a stack of magazines as high as Mini-Me. And what stuns me is not only the repetition of information, but the amount of useless information.

The believe if they just blast the story, somehow it will take.

And the magazines too often are just filling space. Like “Fast Company” pushing the “100 Most Creative People In Business.” And “New York” telling us what to do this summer.


I don’t know who these “Fast Company” people are, the squibs give me almost no information, and there’s so much data in the “New York” issue that it makes me question its veracity. Kind of like how they give you twenty five must-dos every issue. Huh? I’ve only got time for two or three, maybe only one! Give me twenty and I ignore them all!

That’s the problem we’re confronting. Not only is everybody trying to push a square peg into a round hole, the hole is the size of a needle’s eye, it just won’t fit.

I’m not saying it’s not good.

Wait a second, I am. Well, a bunch of it is good but I only have time for great, INCREDIBLE!


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