And then there’s e-mail

And then there’s e-mail.

I’m going to tell you a dirty little secret. The longer you write, the less I read. Truly, unless your e-mail is fascinating, and this does happen occasionally, if you’re writing multiple paragraphs I skim…because I’ve got no time.

No one has any time.

Who’s watching 24 hour cable news? Unless there’s a crisis, it’s like watching paint dry. Oh, check the ratings, they’re horrific.

Same with late night television… For all the ink spilled about Fallon succeeding Leno, the ratings for all these shows go down down down. Why? Because instead of being subjected to these promotional circle jerks, people are watching dramas on their DVRs, or Netflix. Given choice, they don’t want what they got before. Kind of like the network news… I’m gonna tune in for appointment TV presented by a slimmed-down team that’s taking its cues from “The New York Times,” the only newspaper with enough reporters on the beat?


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