THEN               You asked for directions.
NOW               You ask for the address.

THEN               You talked on the phone.
NOW               You text on the phone.

THEN               You got a busy signal.
NOW               If someone is not easily reachable you think something bad happened to them.

THEN               If you were lucky, your parents bought you your own extension when you were sixteen, possibly a Princess phone!
NOW               You get your own phone with its own line when you’re ten. Maybe even younger!

THEN               You went home to check your e-mail.
NOW               E-mail is too slow, you’re in constant touch with your friends via text and instant messaging programs wherever you go.

THEN               Movies played for months, if you missed them, they were gone forever.
NOW               You’re angry when every movie ever made is not available for Netflix streaming.

THEN               You bought electronics it because it said Sony.
NOW               You buy it because it says Samsung.

THEN               You turned sixteen and started working to save money for a car.
NOW               You turn sixteen and if your parents don’t buy you a car you sulk and tell your friends they’re mean.

THEN               If someone told you they were going to be on television, you stayed home and watched.
NOW               Everybody’s been on television, it’s no big deal, and if you truly need to be famous, you make a YouTube clip and spam everybody you know, telling them to watch it.

THEN               You complained wireless was too slow.
NOW               LTE is faster than many people’s home broadband.

THEN               Old people were fat and young people were skinny.
NOW               Young people are fat and old people are skinny, most especially the educated class.

THEN               You graduated from college and took a year or two off, to travel, to find out who you were.
NOW               There’s no time to waste, you oftentimes begin your career while you’re still in college.

THEN               People believed the American Dream was true, that they could make it from the bottom to the top via smarts and hard work.
NOW               People still believe the American Dream is true, even though the game is rigged against them and social mobility is more possible in Europe.


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