Sellers and Consumers.

Consumers are inundated with noise. To the point where they ignore almost everything that’s incoming, they only pay attention to their trusted filters, who most often are human beings, friends.

You  can’t trust Pandora… If you think the service is about anything but money, you are simply wrong and you should follow the travails of Tim Westergren.

And then there’s the “Huffington Post.” Where the links are intriguing but the stories don’t exist. As they say in today’s parlance, it’s all link-bait, I’ve stopped clicking, entirely, yet old media keeps trumpeting the genius of Arianna… Huh?

As for record reviews… If you trust what’s in “Rolling Stone,” you’re a better person than me. Hell, all over the web are tons of short reviews. At most I’m interested in the average, like Rotten Tomatoes for movies. Give me the general feel, is it necessary to pay attention?

This is a big problem.

Because there’s just not enough time for all the new productions. In the seventies, you could see every movie. Today, most indie movies go unreleased, there’s nowhere for them to play.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have to read stories about them.

But then you check out the result and…

It’s kind of like the James Salter hype, perpetuated by “The New Yorker”… Interesting backstory, but now that the book has come out, everyone agrees it doesn’t deserve the push…



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