The Truth about Brains

People are exceedingly afraid of losing their intelligence and memory. The only disease that scares the American public more than Alzheimer’s disease is cancer, according to a Harvard School of Public Health poll.

Keen business people have known since ancient times that any product that soothes fears is likely to sell. Charms to bring luck and ward off evil spirits were popular commodities in ancient times, a trend which continues today. Our collective fear of cognitive decline has created a big market for new “brain games” or “brain training programs” that improve attention, working memory and are grounded in science rather than magic.

What Are Brain-Games?
Brain games are typically video games that challenge the player with various puzzles. The games are popular on smart phones and tablets, but are also available as PC software, and on video game consoles, particularly handheld consoles like the Nintendo DS. There are a huge variety of puzzles that confront players, and they’re designed to be enjoyable rather than a chore.

Most of the brain games target various realms of intelligence, including logic and mathematics, linguistic intelligence (word smarts), and musical intelligence. Of course improving working memory is a key target of the exercises as well.



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